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This is very cool, thank you! I wonder how much the long-term trend correlates with macro/world events and uptake of Clojureverse etc. 🙂

oxalorg (Mitesh)12:11:02

We were thinking about adding a 7 day moving average line to better notice the trends. Maybe that would help 🙂

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What happened in March, outage?


yes, we were down for a while and failed to capture events from slack


@mitesh I was going to suggest that! For longer timescales, I even think the average line should be more visible than the noisy detail - a lot of weight loss graphing products do this.

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Is it possible to get stats per channel?

oxalorg (Mitesh)06:12:17

@U0567Q30W Thanks for the suggestion 🙂 No we can't see stats per channel yet but I've created an issue for this, will pick it up when I'm free ^_^