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Tim Robinson17:11:31

Hi all, I'm a complete newbie to fireplace and clojure, and I'm having trouble getting it going at all. I've executed the 4 commands in the installation guide and I'm pretty sure it's done something because when I type :Eval no longer says "Not an editor command". However that's the end of the good news, instead it just causes vim to hang and not respond to any keystrokes and I have to kill it. This happens regardless of whether the repl is running or not. I'm using Windows 10 with recent versions of everything

Braden Shepherdson17:11:06

how are you launching your REPL? is it running nrepl? (that's the server Fireplace talks to)

Tim Robinson17:11:16

I'm running lein repl, but the symptoms are the same even if the repl is not running. From what I understand it's supposed to give a meaningful message if the repl is not running, so I think the problem is happening before it even tries to talk to the repl

Tim Robinson17:11:03

Aha! I've figured out you need to install python (not sure why that wasn't mentioned in the documentation) and now it's coming up with error messages. It's still not actually working but I've got a bit more to investigate so you can ignore me for now and I'll message back if I get really stuck again.

Tim Robinson18:11:17

Hi again. I've discovered that if I (a) install python (b) disable cider-nrepl (c) manually set the port number, then I can get it working. However according to the documentation, disabling cider-nrepl only gives a subset of the functionality, but doesn't say what subset. Can I do most of what I want to do without cider, or is that something I'm going to need if I want to use it properly?


Cider makes things much better.