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Congrats Calva for yet another CT funding. I'm looking forward working together on improving the Clojure ecosystem and tooling :).

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Are you subscribed to the Calva Youtube channel yet? 😃

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@U05254DQM, if you have some feedback on the quality of this, I’d love me some of that! ❤️


Oh, you have a YouTube Channel, I will subscribe. I will take a look at your video after I've finished editing my new video, later today hopefully 😁

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I've added Calva as a featured YouTube channel to the Practicalli YouTube channel With 41 more subscribers Calva channel will be able to use a nicer URL too...


I have a few Calva related videos that I am thinking of creating: • Collaborative Coding with VS Code Calva and Live Share • Using VSpaceCode with Calva (to feed your Vim-editing obsession) • REPL driven development with VSpaceCode and Calva Do these sound interested @U0ETXRFEW

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Never heard of VSpaceCode. But, yeah, sounds super interesting. I’d be happy to crosspost those vids on the Calva channel, if you are good with that.

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I don’t know much about creating Youtube content. So Calva could have a nice URL like your channel has, if we can recruit some more subscribers?


Added your channel back as featured. If it is possible to get the Calva logo in there with the logos in your banner, I would scream from joy, btw. 😍

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Regarding Live Share screencast, we (@U9A1RLFNV, @UGNFXV1FA and I) have been talking about making one such too. Would be cool if we could be part of the one you are thinking of.


We did our first Live Share experience for the data science community I'll remind you when we do another one and I am aiming to document as much as I can about setup and use, although its simple enough when you know what to do 🙂


I will update the logos on Practicalli (once my new REPL driven development video is edited - its a relative long one, so will take most of the day).


Once you hit 100 subscribers, there should be a custom url setting in your channel settings - YouTube studio > settings


Thanks for the video @U0ETXRFEW! I found it really informative and interesting!

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Wow, that’s cool. I sort of targeted people from outside Clojure, but I guess many experienced Clojurians haven’t ventured into this particular rabbit hole. 😃


Ya, even though I’ve been enjoying Clojure for some time, I still consider myself a beginner. I was curious about React Native and was not even aware of Expo. Cool stuff!


Great video!


I don’t think it is all that common out there that we feel like beginners after years of using, but Clojure is like that for me, there is so much to learn still! 😃


Thanks @U9A1RLFNV! It was you who suggested I should PR in a link to the example repo at, and I had first to make sure it worked and was up-to-date. After a while of fiddling with that I realized there seemed to be something about the whole thing worth sharing. But quite hard at first to get past the “on camera” blockage. It was a good exercise that I can recommend anyone to try out. Hopefully next vid will be easier to produce.


Great idea to make the video