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Vincent Cantin06:11:23

Hi there. I wanted to share the current progresses on Vrac.

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Vincent Cantin06:11:29

Basically, I took a break for the last 2 months where I had to be less on my computer and more in the shoes of a father.

Vincent Cantin06:11:28

I am still going to work on Vrac, Minimallist, Diffuse, and .. another new project which is closely related. It's just not clear how often I will have the time to do so.

Vincent Cantin06:11:07

My hope is still to have a "stupidly basic demo" within the next 2 months.

Vincent Cantin06:11:15

I looked at Pathom3's documentation and blog yesterday, and I can say for sure that it is going to be used as the underlying implementation every time there is a (:foo bar) deref somewhere in the template. @wilkerlucio I am counting on you 🙂