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Could someone help me to understand what I am missing to allow ssh into my EC2 instances in my cloudFormation template? I'm guessing that my connections are being blocked somewhere but I don't seem to find any semblance of network configuration options for the VPC or subnet


Also, does anyone know what is the best way to automate copying of public key from namenode to worker nodes in EC2 Cluster in CloudFormation? I want to do ssh hadoop-worker-1 'cat >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys' < ~/.ssh/ in my namenode but will be stopped by a password request. I believe I need my aws-key but I'm not sure what's a reasonable way for my namenode to get it. Or what might be a good workaround


I believe AWS systems manager is what you're looking for - it can run scripts etc on your behalf across your ec2 instances Another approach is to use user-data and cloud-init to build the authorized keys on machine boot (that's something I used to do: we'd pull public keys from GitHub's user api and bake in an authorized_keys file for a jump host


I dimly remember that there is a way to do ssh into an EC2 instance using AMI instead of dealing with keys etc.


You can configure your EC2 instance to allow a ssh key when building it or pre-bake the authorized_keys in your AMI image


Nowadays best practice is to go through AWS SSM and not use SSH keys at all, and instead delegate to your AWS credentials/identity


Something I really miss from Google Cloud - you can magically SSH to an instance, provided you have access to the GCP project


in AWS it requires some setup