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That's part of the problem pitching Clojure, in my experience -- nobody believes you about the insane productivity leverage it provides 😂. It's contrary to their experience in most other technologies, where relatively large teams are required to deliver relatively small functionality. I understand. Many technologies make similar promises. If someone hasn't experienced Lisp personally, which is most people, it sounds like "just another cool shiny thing."


Exaggerating just a tiny bit for effect: A Clojure dev gets a task, does it, job done, moves on. The whole process recedes into the ether. An $OTHER_LANG dev gets a task, organizes some sort of team coordination plan, holds a series of design meetings and project planning meetings to divide up the work, creates tickets, a checkin / followup procedure. Many people do the work, regroup to hash out the inevitable impedance mismatches, repeat. Eventually, job's done, they speak at a conference on how it all went. People assume this coder-to-effect ratio is normal and inevitable.


Just noticed today that this channel had seen a burst of activity. I'm in San Jose myself, but my day-job is not Clojure-related.