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I’m in the city, though I’m working primarily on my own. My former team at Walmart has a handful of Clojure engineers in the Bay Area.


I can echo a similar experience on Clojure companies in the Bay Area, in that they appear to be steady or declining while Python, Go, JS all seem to be growing. I’ve definitely heard the hiring pool argument against Clojure at Walmart. So frustrating.


You can do a lot with very little with Clojure. My team at World Singles Networks has been at most three Clojure devs and mainly just two, and we've built and continue to maintain and enhancement over 100K lines of Clojure (some of which is a decade old now, at this point).


(so "large" Clojure teams would be rare, IMO... I remember being shocked that CircleCI had over 10 Clojure devs, back in the day when they hosted the SF meetup, and it blows my mind that NuBank have hundreds of Clojure devs!)