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I'm not sure if this is spam or not: It's a questionnaire about Clojure, but the cynic inside of me says that this is a way for a company to get contact information from a pool of developers used for recruiting. I could be wrong about this.


I share the same sentiment. The picture looks very "stock" to me


I'll let it stand for now. Fairly certain Inna works with Vadym who I've been chatting with on LinkedIn.


(hence my Q to her in that thread)


then it doesn't seem as suspicious as I initially thought. Maybe I should work on my trust in humanity ;)

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Trust in humanity... its just a minority of humans that let humanity down, occasionally :(


I confirmed that Inna and Vadym work together, and I already cautioned him via LinkedIn that us admins here take a zero tolerance stance on solicitation for commercial purposes, before he and Inna joined. I'm having a longer form chat with him about the topics they're covering in their information gathering.


But, yes, on the surface it sure looks spammy 🙂