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Hi guys. Is it possible to introduce ClojureScript in a JavaScript progect? I tried to find something online but could no find anything.


Thank you for the help @UFHB0T69M. I will look there.


@UQSTWJABD I did this a lot on the past, if you want any help you can ping me 🙂


I just realised that (inc nil) yields 1 in CLJS but null in clojure. It's there somewhere a list of the differences?


maybe the type analysis could emit a warning here?

Philipp Siegmantel14:11:59

Hello everybody, I'm getting a TypeError: Cannot read property x of undefined for every x in a certain namespace. Googling didn't get me very far. I'm using figwheel-main.

Philipp Siegmantel15:11:58

Forget it, I din't require the namespace in my entry point.


anybody using threeagent ( here? for the life of me, I cannot seem to be able to cast shadows with it and I don't quite understand what the problem is


This is offtopic here, but I vaguely remember that you have to enable a flag on each object which should receive cast shadows, enabling the feature is not enough


search for receiveShadow property


and castShadow as well


Thanks, I know it's way off topic here but couldn't find an appropriate channel for it. Yes I know you need to enable casting and receiving per object


do that with threeagent and I still couldn't make it work


btw. just by chance, haven’t you looked into react-three-fiber? I would be interested in comparison of threeagent vs react-three-fiber


a thin cljs wrapper (reagent style) could be a more robust solution, I believe


I did. fiber didn't look in any way ready for my use case, but I don't remember what was missing specifically. could have still been my incomplete understanding