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Has anyone worked out how to use Calva and Joker together, as in, connect Calva to a running Joker REPL?


I just published an experimental package for Calva, and it does connect to Joker: It's still very much alpha software, but it connects and evaluates forms. No documentation and goto-var yet, but there's autocomplete 😄


iiuc, calva uses nrepl, so unless joker can speak nrepl, it doesn't seem likely. atom chlorine may work though.


Chlorine should work. There's also an experimental implementation of chlorine to vscode, but it doesn't support joker so far (but maybe I can hack something tomorrow and see if I can come up with something)

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I tend to write a lot of Joker scripts that contain sub-commands, each of which has its own options and positional arguments. I've extracted some common logic to form

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