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I have builds targeting :browser-test and :karma . Is there some easy way to exclude some (heavy) tests from the browser test suite only? Ideally on a test-by-test basis, not ns.


nvm, just put the heavy tests in a separate ns and filtered with ns regexes


yeah the ns filternig is rather limited currently


Unrelated, but I use to have to monkey-patch nextTick: (gobj/set shadow-js/process "nextTick" goog.async.nextTick). Updated shadow-cljs from 2.8.36 to 76 and shadow-js/process is now undefined, however I remove the monkey patch and the tests pass. Did that implementation change or are my tests broken?


the implementation changed yes. now uses the full browser process polyfill


Good to hear, thanks!


vim-salve says it supports Leiningen, Boot, and the Clojure CLI. Does that mean that if I use deps.edn with shadow-cljs, vim-salve will support it too? I'm presuming that to be the case based on this bit from the docs: > The new deps.edn can also be used to manage your :dependencies and :source-paths instead of using the built-in methods or lein. All shadow-cljs commands will then be launched via the new clojure utility instead.


sorry don't know what vim-salve is


yes I looked at that. still no clue what it does.


if its just about starting a clojure jvm then yes deps.edn will work and you can use shadow-cljs via that


vim-salve is supposed to be helpful for setting classpath in vim, so that tools like vim-fireplace can better interact with the REPL to do things like reading docstrings and navigating to source. I'm fairly new to Clojure and trying to get my editor running smoothly, but still getting a few errors here and there. One thing I notice is that npx shadow-cljs classpath does not list the source path entries that shadow-cljs info produces. Is that normal? My understanding is that the classpath should be a combination of the given filesystem directory and .jar file entries, so if I have :source-paths ["src/main" "src/test"], I expect them both to be in the classpath.


do you use :deps or not?


if you do :source-paths and :dependencies in shadow-cljs.edn are ignored


Yes, {:deps {com.fulcrologic/fulcro {:mvn/version "3.0.1"}}.


the you configure :paths in deps.edn


Ah, sorry, this is from shadow-cljs.edn: :deps {:aliases [:dev]}.


Okay, I will try that. Thanks very much.