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I now took the REPL window keybinding thing a bit further. Some users do not use the REPL window for much multi-line editing (wisely so) and would rather that enter and cursor up/`down` behave more like on a terminal prompt. For them there is now a single-line mode to enable for the REPL window:


in 2.0.62 the repl history keys <alt><up-arrow>, <alt><down-arrow> are getting out of whack. they are like returning history from one step back from where they should be.


I can’t reproduce. Maybe it is only happening on Linux?


If you have some time, please try to debug it. It sounds a bit like sometimes more than one keypress is registered.


A thing you can try is to execute the command using the command palette, and see if the same problem is there.


Thanks for the feedback, @hoppy! Can you try in Calva 2.0.61 and confirm that it is a new thing? I somehow doubt it is, and also really hope it is not, because that might mean I have to revert on the whole configurable REPL window shortcuts thing…


Also, and this is to all Calva Friends: v2.0.62 is old hat. The cool people use v2.0.63. 😃 Please like and comment and spread this ClojureVerse post:


@pez It seems to be a 2.61->2.62 regression. gonna see what 2.0.63 does...


It does nothing with that. I’ll try see what the regression is about.


2.0.63 has the problem as well


Hi, how can I stop the function hint that pop up, e.g. if I'm in (contains? ...) I get (contains? [coll key]) (and bind it to a key instead)?


There are two ways. You can dismiss it with ESC and you can disable the pop-up entirely in VSCode settings.


If you do the latter you can make it appear at will using ctrl+shift+space. (cmd instead of ctrl on Mac).


What's that pop up called?


Ah, yes, found it.


@pez Thanks. I'm enjoying Calva btw. I don't like having things pop up and cover the code though, or interfere with navigation, like capturing up arrow keys. I don't use VS code enough to know what's Calva and what's VS Code. 🙂


Agree. I like VSCode a lot, but it is a bit crazy with all them popups.


I wouldn't mind having a side panel that shows a bunch of stuff, similar to the explorer side panel. It's easy to toggle, you can show several things at the same time and you can expand/collapse as you want to. Hmm, I wonder if that is doable through an extension (and if such an extension exists).


It’s a bit how emacs uses the mini buffer.