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I'm trying to set up a Cursive repl that can connect to my web app running on Heroku. Any recommendations?


I haven’t actually done this myself, no. Can you expose an arbitrary port from Heroku for an nREPL or socket server?


Actually, I should have followed that up - if it does allow you to expose a port, probably the easiest thing is to start a socket server:


That will require you to be using Clojure 1.8+ and Cursive 1.9.0.


You should then be able to connect with a remote socket REPL:


Thanks. I don't think an arbitrary port is possible, so I'm thinking of proxying to Drawbridge on the Heroku box, maybe adapting Just wanted to see if anyone had a cleaner way before digging in.


@U8LN9KT2N Unfortunately Cursive doesn’t support Drawbridge right now. I made a serious attempt at it recently, but Drawbridge just totally failed to work for me. I didn’t get any useful nREPL support in time so I parked it - this reminds me, I should file an issue over there.


I did a quick and dirty adaptation of lein-catapult this morning that got me something at least partially working right away. There are some issues/improvements I'd like to work on, but it's a good start.


....or I thought so, definitely hitting some issues now. Every response is :unknown-session. I'm not interested in a yak shave on this one, but I may spend a little time and see if I can get anywhere.