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Good Morning!

Ben Hammond11:04:04

> Supplies of protective equipment to carers in Scotland have been hit by the decision of the four largest manufacturers in the UK saying they will limit supplies to England, it has been revealed.

Ben Hammond11:04:40

speaking as someone who used to believe in Better Together but is now unsure


What kind of stupid? Is that a delivery issue? I can’t think of another charitable interpretation to be honest…


I quite enjoy a hot cross bun, but I'm not into the whole religion bit... so behold, functional/anarchist buns.

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Is the cross religious?! I assumed they were English...


Also, are they easy to make? A lambda hot cross bun looks fun. I'm doing my shop tomorrow too.


They were traditionally made to mark the end of Lent, and I think they crop up elsewhere in Europe (I'm still European, whatever anyone else may decide on my behalf!). They're quite easy to make - it's a sweetened bread dough with some currants, mixed peel, spice, butter and egg in there. The decoration is thin strips of shortcrust pastry, moistened to stick on. They're glazed with a milk/water/sugar mixture.


How is everyone holding up?


I'm good, not sure I can take months of this though. I'll rather flee back to Iceland


Even tho' I've worked from home for thirteen years, after four weeks of not being allowed to go outside much I am starting to get a little stir crazy! I'm not a social animal but even I am missing interactions with people other than my wife and the cats...


I take the dogs out late at night and it still amazes me how quiet everything is on a Friday and Saturday evening


Doing group video calls helps I find?


The thing that’s worrying me is a lack of casual activity, I’d normally do a few walks here and there, but now exercise is a very planned for thing…


Hopefully when this all over, you won’t have to roll me out the door >_<…

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Yeah, I get nervous to go out for a "daily walk". Way too many people doing it and not quite understanding what 2m means


I'm tempted to go out for a 5:30am run, but I'm usually fast asleep then 😂


People are really good about distancing where I live, but not so good when we have to go into town for supplies... but, overall, it is really spooky how quiet this whole area is, especially in the evening... but at least the air is less polluted!


I wonder if our employers who've switched to WFH will continue to allow WFH after this is all over?

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i got desperate for (lack of) snacks today and made pudding rice from scratch


bit of a sugar shock... i should try the anarchist hot cross buns instead XD


and yeah, lack of exercise is a scary perspective 😕 I don't get to go out much because of the whole social distancing problem. are you reminding yourself to move somehow?


Don’t laugh, but I got a ring fit adventure >_<… I’m using that… The story line is super corny…


This looks like a lot of fun 😄