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Cas Shun17:04:01

are the new debugging capabilities of calva documented anywhere?


It's these days. 😀

Cas Shun17:04:44

this layout is rather unpleasant 😞

Cas Shun17:04:57

it's 3 clicks to get to the debugger page for me, at minimum

Cas Shun17:04:40

it uses the slide-in menu unless your browser is somewhat large horizontally

Cas Shun17:04:54

and it's a multi-layer menu where you can't see the next layer


On my phone link shows the debugger page.


So zero clicks.

Cas Shun17:04:36

I'm saying from the home page

Cas Shun17:04:41

sorry, I should have been clear

Cas Shun17:04:36

I'm on desktop and being presented with a mobile-like layout

Cas Shun17:04:44

when my browser is about 60% of my screen width


Hi, I installed VSCode on a new machine, installed Calva, start a REPL/Jack-In from a project like usual, and I get the error zsh:1: command not found: lein. What did I forget?


lein works from the terminal...


Does lein work from a vscode terminal?


I had to restart my machine :man-shrugging:


I can only imagine it's because I added lein to PATH and installed it after installing VSCode

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I think @looveh had a similar issue. I've forgotten what the solution was, though...