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@olical Just tested this, it’s awesome! I did need to install fennel.vim for it to work.


Oh of course! Maybe I should bundle that with it. Having second thoughts about this though


Not sure if it's worth the effort and complexity, maybe static text would be safer...


But if this interactive style taught people the basics really well maybe it's worth it


Acts as a good refresher of your mappings too


I think you’ll always want something static for people as reference but the interactive thing is super nice to get started

The Continium11:04:32

I like the interactive idea; it also shows it actually working as expected introducing the mappings etc.


I’d maybe suggest to check if fennel.vim is installed and just print a note to install it when :ConjureSchool is ran


Perhaps, although I think if I provide the language file in my source vim will use it if it's not install globally anyway


Or perhaps something like vim.fzf, that go ahead and just install the dependencies.

The Continium11:04:51

@olical I remapped the conjure map prefix let g:conjure_map_prefix = ","; will you be adding that option ?


Yep, same idea and configuration, just a different way of setting it


Was going to check for fennel support them prompt you to go get it if you don't have it already.


But that seems like a pretty big hurdle for an introductory tutorial.


I suppose I could just copy the syntax / indent / ftdetect in from the vim fennel repo.


I think I'll stick to static docs for now and might implement an interactive thing as a separate optional path. There's just too much added complexity for something important.

The Continium14:04:12

at this stage static seems like the best choice; add interactive at a later stage once it is bedded down


Yeah, I agree, I could do it but it's a lot of work to get it right. And then there's so much room for the buffer getting messed up and confusing the new user.


I still like the idea of it though and might do it one day! Maybe I'll run it through babashka instead so you get Clojure instead of Fennel 👀

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The Continium14:04:34

it’s a great idea and there is huge potential to make this an interactive lisp teaching framework


I have the urge to name it Unseen University after Discworld when I get around to it too.


If I run out of features in Conjure, writing interactive learning plugins on top of it could definitely fill up my time 😅


Learn Clojure and how to evaluate it all in one plugin.

The Continium14:04:46

The “Unseen” sounds like another project on top of conjure


My todo list fears any new idea, so I'll resist. For now.


just recorded this for a friend, maybe it’s interesting for people curious about develop, dunno 🙂

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That's awesome! Thank you for making it, it's so exciting to see other people use it really 😄


I'm trying to keep develop stable, but yeah, there's no buffer between my commits and your machine, so there's a chance I could mess up. I'm being as careful as I can but there's not that extra layer of protection that master gives.


I’m ok with that, just wanted to make sure my friend is aware 😄


awesome demo video! every day i get more excited about the new world


Vim help is great


I love that I can just add tags to relevant things like maplocalleader.


The help is beginning to take shape, :h conjure-mappings has the full mappings list now. (doesn't include clojure specific mappings since they'll be in :h conjure-lang-clojure-nrepl)


Config and how language modules work coming up. Then specific files for how the Fennel and Clojure language support can be used.


I need to come up with a nice interface for configuring things from VimL. And add more ways to connect to an nREPL!


If the wording / structure / anything sucks about these docs so far, please do let me know so I can make them better. I'm not sure how hand holdy I should be, I feel like presenting all the info and letting you grep across it will be the best thing. But we'll see! I'm adding optional wordy sections that explain in depth how the log behaves for example, but that's not essential so it's near the bottom.


great video! cool to see a bit of conjure school too


I think it's a great idea for a tutorial