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Good Morning!


Good morning

Ben Hammond08:04:30

hope the easter bunny has been good to you all

Ben Hammond08:04:33

ugh. night time toilet training is exhausting

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Ben Hammond08:04:30

she's getting the idea that shes doesn't like wetting the bed, and will wail loudly when it happens but is not yet able to anticipate-and-prevent it

Ben Hammond09:04:33

Ha! I normally get really annoyed with the school of thought that says > We don't give to charity because it enables the governnment to shirk their responsibility However I make an an enormous excepton for '1 million claps` this really is the government shirking their responsibility

Ben Hammond09:04:52

I guess we've known all along that this government were going to be shit

Ben Hammond09:04:09

and they are in line with expectations

Ben Hammond09:04:01

every time I look up the JVM DisableFastThrow switch, I find it surprisingly difficult to google


I see stuff like that and I’m like tax your eton mates, or christ, tax me more cos at least it means you’ll be taxing a whole band of people who can afford it but the bloody temerity to ask us to be charitable because the government has been failing for a decade makes my blood boil


a bunch of my pals were junior doctors during that whole fracas too


so even if I wasn’t already inclined to see the govt as self serving robber barons I also remember how disgracefully and contemptuously medical staff were treated by this govt


although I suppose in the interest of bbc balance I should say I worked in a mental health trust at the tail end of the labour years and they were more than happy to cut beds for vulnerable people (they just weren’t quite as cut happy, I guess - yr classic ‘least worst’ politics eh)


utterly depressing state of affairs


(and is also true that my medic pals are like don’t clap for the nhs, elect a govt that funds it ffs)


My wife, a doctor: "Who's making all that bloody noise outside?"

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Ben Hammond09:04:35

its a useful shared activity when folk are isolated

Ben Hammond09:04:49

the NHS angle is more of a retrofit

Ben Hammond09:04:14

and the desire to not be outdone by the applauding foreigners

Ben Hammond09:04:07

would also be great if every house on the street had a different steel band instrument and. we could jam together

Ben Hammond09:04:16

but much more difficult to organise

Ben Hammond09:04:54

java -XX:+UnlockDiagnosticVMOptions -XX:+PrintFlagsFinal -version | grep "Fast"

bool OmitStackTraceInFastThrow                = true                                      {product} {default}
is the-one-that-I want

Ben Hammond09:04:03

the cynic in me does wonder how much is skimming off the top of any donation

Ben Hammond09:04:31

> Come into my brother's shop to donate to the NHS