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Hullo, we've been using ClojureScript with React Native for a couple years now and how found that the existing set of tools don't work quite as well as we would like. I've been working on a new simpler React Native integration for ClojureScript, it's not quite done yet but it's at the point where we'd like feedback from folks who are using React Native and who might be interested in a tool that's a bit more idiomatic and a la carte.


A lot of the changes to ClojureScript master were actually based on my experience developing Krell and realizing we could attain a lot of goals with a grander stroke.


Krell uses the new bundle target and it is a pure extension to cljs.main, all the familiar commands are available and work.


There is no stateful API, there is no configuration between Android and iOS


there are no commands to remember that aren't cljs.main style commands


🔥 will try it out, for sure. what’s the hot/live reload story in Krell? you’re not using shadow, so are you using just React Native live reload, or does Krell has its own way to handle it?


@andrzej.fricze the hot loader is the only missing feature, working on that now - it's not going to be very hard


Krell also has pretty cool experimental feature which is auto-reconnect


so you don't need to disable RN refresh if you don't want, Krell will just reconnect transparently


it's worth noting that Krell is really for people who are comfortable with RN and don't need any hand holding - however happy as Krell matures happy to see people use it in their own tools (Expo integrations whatever) - but we're not going to do that stuff in Krell directly

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Michaël Salihi15:04:20

Nice, I'll try Krell right now !


nice, I see. I had more problems than benefits from using Expo, so far, so I sympathize with your approach 🙂 less mess is better. thanks for sharing!


yeah at Vouch we use Native modules so Expo is just non-starter and we're not going to support stuff we're not going to use ourselves


certainly it’s more safe to just go with React Native and let people integrate with Expo when somebody feels the real need


Wow, this is really cool @dnolen ! I’ll give it it a spin right away!


sorry there's not a beginning to end to tutorial yet - it's coming - but would like to finish the hot-loader first

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I just caught up with the chat on #cljs-dev and the new guide on webpack: So I’ll try to piece it all with that…