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Dorna Gilani14:04:23

Would you rather Babashka than bash?    We're looking for someone who can apply functional techniques to  infrastructure-as-code automation, among other things.  We have some ideas, but we're open to yours -- that's why you'd be here!    We have immediate openings on teams that include data scientists,  analysts, and data engineers.  Our shop favors Clojure and ClojureScript, though we'll use whatever  is the right tool for the job.    We've found that Clojure is great for integrating different tools,  for example by generating and managing configurations, and  scripting cloud APIs. We're keen to try   * using ClojureScript to script Pulumi   * using juxt/roll to generate Terraform templates  You probably have ideas of your own.  We'd love to talk to you!

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I'm quite honored that babashka is mentioned in a job posting 😉

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FYI: you do not mention any geographic restrictions and/or the company name...

Dorna Gilani16:04:38

@U0502D2GL The position is remote for the next couple months due to COVID-19, but we are ideally looking for someone who is local to the DMV area. Our company, ATA LLC, is located in Vienna, VA. However, we are flexible with candidates outside of the DMV. We would only ask you to travel to our headquarters once or twice a month, paid by the company expense of course. Where are you located?


what's DMV?


@U011LNM54E6 I tend to work as an hourly contractor. I was curious about your listing... and I believe most job seekers would want to know the geographic constraints...

Dorna Gilani16:04:57

@U04V15CAJ DC Maryland Virginia


Using clojurescript to script pulumi sounds a bit circular :thinking_face: going from data to imperative (js) to declarative... it would be interesting to see if a more direct EDN->TF mapping makes sense


isn't Pulumi (mostly) a smart TF wrapper?


I don't think pulumi is a TF wrapper but rather an alternative that uses programming languages like typescript, but could be wrong.

Kaleb Dumot19:04:13

I hope everyone is having a good start to your week and staying safe!  I have a full time direct hire 100% Remote Elixir Staff Software Engineer role w/ a fully distributed remote team, well funded, stable, and high growth Tech Product company. We are able to offer top $$$, autonomy, a chance to come in at the ground level, and work with a very smart team. This is your chance to 10X your career and really have an impact on a growing business.  Are you interested in hearing more about this company? Please email me your resume at Kaleb at What we are looking for: • 5+ years of software development experience • Professional software development experience in Elixir  • Professional cloud experience in AWS, GCP, or Azure • Strong communication, critical thinking, and problem solving skills  Benefits and Perks: • Work 100% Remote w/ a fully remote distributed team and company • Earn Top $$$ + Equity • Benefits for you and your family (Healthcare, Dental, Vision) • 401K • Work Life Balance + Remote flexibility   **This person does have to live somewhere in the US.   Kind Regards, Founder, Sr. Talent Partner @

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How is this related to Clojure?


Yeah, this channel is clearly marded "Clojure(Script)-related job offers..."


The Admins discussed this yesterday, when it was posted, and felt that in these challenging times, where we are already seeing Clojurians losing their jobs and looking for any new work, it was probably OK to allow Clojure-adjacent/functional-ish job ads for a while. If there's a strong feeling that we really should stick to Clojure-only jobs, we can certainly apply that policy.


I agree that widening the pool a bit is good. I wish that recruiters would at least acknowledge that they're aware they're posting in a clojure specific community. Otherwise it's pretty obvious they're just spamming and care more about filling the role rather than finding a good fit.


I'm looking for a new remote job courtesy of COVID-19. I have a lot of experience using Clojure, ClojureScript, re-frame, reitit, compojure, Terraform, Ansible, Packer, GCP, and AWS, and am open to learning new things too. I live in New Zealand, but I've worked on Pacific Time before and am happy to keep doing that for my next job. If you're interested, DM me or get in touch however you'd like. Thanks!

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