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It’s a npm dependency with a require that asks for a file out of js dist directory. I use shadow-cljs for all builds, and this is not something that is going to be in cljsjs. @martinklepsch If there is a sol’n, I’d be glad to hear it. Technically I have control of the project that is causing the failure (as a transitive dep). The requires look like this:


I guess if I do some webpack madness it might work??? I avoid the std cljs tooling because shadow-cljs makes this all so much easier.


and frankly, I don’t have time to deal with that kind of stuff…my time is already pulled 6 ways

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@tony.kay got it. This is something @fabien.rozar started to look into again recently, I just created a project on GitHub that collects all the relevant issues and notes, hope this is helpful to understand the problem and follow along:


Sorry I don’t have a solution at this time! 🙂


@tony.kay Yes, I try to dig into this with advices from @martinklepsch: I'm hoping for the best ^^ I have exactly the same issue for a personal package, roughcljs...


@fabien.rozar has anyone considered a more source-based solution? All you need is docstrings, right? Why not just use a reader and pull them out?


I’ve got some code laying around that parses cljc I think 🙂


For the quality of docs that cljdoc provides that’s just not going to work. What about custom macros that emit docstrings differently? What about arglists that describe option maps. What about libraries like Amazonica that derive their entire API surface at runtime?


What about an option that lets you say “source analysis is good enough”? Most projects would work with that….and if you have macros that follow standard form structure (i.e. defn/def)then you could make those simlpe configs


So, Fulcro: I have some custom macros. Most of them are intentionally shaped like defn or such so that it is easy to get tools to work with them for code completion and docs in IDE


it would just get you 95% there


A PR would be welcome for stuff like this but given the ambition to cover the entire ecosystem it would have been the wrong approach to start with.


I see, and agree


We’ll get this figured out eventually. The problem you’re describing is certainly not unsolvable it’s just that nobody has had sufficient time to fix it.


Well, just for reference purposes, the tool I was building that was reading clj/cljs/cljc is here: in case anyone wants to mine it for ideas. It was meant to be a porting/refactoring tool, but the zipper/multipass approach was kinda slow, and I just had other more interesting things to work on, so I dropped it.

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