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Here’s some thoughts on what the remote clojure meetup might be like: • Maybe 3-4 talks that are presented over e.g. Google Hangouts Meet and recorded for later distribution. • I would suggest some 2 hours in early afternoon so that people can work during the same day but also not rob their whole private/family time during the evening. • It is probably very hard to replicate the social side of a meetup (meeting and chatting with people f2f), so I would not try to arrange socializing but rather focus in the more one-way presentation format, possibly with Q&A sessions included. • How many people would there need to be arranging it a) before the event and b) during the event? a) No idea. b) Probably about two people: one making sure all tech things work and another hosting and facilitating Q&A


So, to get things forward, I will try to assemble a team to help me. Then, we could meet via video connection and think through all the practicalities. At least the following things need to be done: • Marketing: only in Finnish clojure scene, or broarder? • Testing the video/chat etc setup • Figuring out the needed facilitation roles during the event • Recruiting the people who want to present!


Heart of Clojure had a "icebreaking" application before the conference, a short (5mins?) 1-to-1 videochat with a random attendee on a topic chosen chosen in a chatroom


don'tremember the app name now though 😅


Cool! Was that used when everyone was physically in the same location?


@huima Here’s some discussion on the potential remote meetup ideas ☝️

viesti18:04:09 was the app used, that was done before the conference, so that people could see each other before the physical event


wasn't that popular though, might have been because of vacations or because the time was during working hours or maybe most people didn't find it necessary (although this time things might be different)