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Monday is just the day before the day before the day before the day before friday


or for a lucky few in this chat it's a virtual thursday already.


Last days mostly preparing for tomorrow, small presentation about Kafka and GraphQL. Als made a java and kotlin implementation which do much worse then Lacinia..


@hobosarefriends, just remember that Monday lunch time is furthest away from the next Monday morning.


:thinking_face: interesting perspective


perspective is everything 😉


aaaah monday, we have got the entire week to look forward to friday!

😴 4
😭 8

Was only last week I only had to work the first two days, next Fridays, last Fridays of the year are on Friday, Friday, Thursday for me.


I actually enjoy mondays. Then again, I get to write Clojure at work all day, with great collegues. To all those who dislike mondays, what’s the reason? Let’s start a mini complaints thread, let it all out boys


This Monday was actually good. They did some tests on important KYC related stuff and the only problem they found so far is that the admin screen on low resolution laptops is not properly displayed. But usually it's back to Java, from Clojure/rust in the weekend. I do hate the train trough especially this morning. Train is way to crowded because they messed up maintenance, so had to run changing trains.


Ah yeah I commuted for a while and I hated those trains sometimes. Often cancelled when there we’re meetings, focing me to have the meeting over slack on my phone on a bench somewhere.


I do scala, so starting mondays I do scala for 5 days, and tuesdays involve a 2 hour train ride 😭


Also, on fridays they give us food at work, so It's the furthest away to free food I'll be during the work week


> Also, on fridays they give us food at work, so It’s the furthest away to free food I’ll be during the work week That’s the best reason ever to hate mondays


The company I work for, Brightin, is looking for Clojure chops, we make great things and are a nice place to work. If you ever get tired of writing Scala hit me up!


I know, I've been there for a meetup


If it wasn't in Utrecht I would've immediately gone with you guys, since you used to be a ruby place as well if I recall correctly.


Yes it did, but with some influence from some developers (ahum) it started to pivot towards making clojure projects. Today our main projects are clojure, with a few ruby things to do here and there.




Which is like, super far away of Utrecht of course 🙂


Haha I make it a point to work biking distance from my house


Because that way I get daily exercise that I know I wouldn't be able to motivate myself to do otherwise


Nobody is keeping you from moving to Utrecht right?


Finding a new place in Amsterdam or Utrecht is no easy task


Finding a place is easy, finding an affordable place in a nice location is something else. I used to live in Utrecht, but left 3 years ago.


Finding a place I could afford as a Jr Clojure dev in utrecht yeah.


Yeah Utrecht is pretty rough too, way less offer than demand, took me a long time to find something and it’s overpriced 😞