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Transcripts of two of Rich Hickey's oldest (and longest) talks are now published and available, included in a collection of many other talk transcripts. The newest transcripts are (1) "Clojure Concurrency" from March 2008, where he introduced the fairly well known "ant colony" simulation program to demonstrate refs, transactions, and agents, here: . and (2) "Clojure for Java Programmers" from June 2008, here: . That Github repository contains many other talk transcripts. If you are interested in helping create additional transcriptions, I am happy to help edit/polish them if someone wants to volunteer creating a first draft of all or even part of another talk. Offer your time and coordinate efforts on any of the open Github issues for not-yet-transcribed talks in that same Github repo.

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Published a cljs library for on scroll animations sheepy

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I’ve just published a clj template for for an Electron application built with deps.edn, Figwheel Main, Reagent, and test integration via cljs-test-display.

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Do you have a thread to discuss this? I'm having some trouble but don't want to spam announcements.


I don’t, but feel free to create a thread on either the #clojurescript or #figwheel-main channels (whichever you feel might be most relevant) and mention me…


Made a pwa app example in Clojure

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