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Ivar Refsdal08:12:22

I'm having problems resolving java.* imports after upgrading to 2019.3. Any tips? I've tried re-importing the project. Happens with both leiningen and tools.deps

Ivar Refsdal10:12:32

Seems it was something with my java SDK setup ...

Ivar Refsdal10:12:04

I had several SDKs here before. I removed all but 11 and updated the project. This solved the problem for me. The problem also occured in 2019.2.4


Hi is there a way to stop the previous execution sent to the repl ? I am realizing infinite sequences a lot today...


Frantically hit “Interrupt Current Evaluation”? It’s at the top left of the REPL tab.


@dmarjenburgh thx mate, for some reason I didn’t see that button. Must be the panick...


or the shame of making such a basic mistake !

Alex Miller (Clojure team)16:12:41

even in that case, I'm not sure it will actually work - you should try setting *print-length*

Alex Miller (Clojure team)16:12:22

(set! *print-length* 20)


I haven't seen it in the cursive web site. Is there an "EVALUATE INTO EDITOR" option?


Do you mean into a comment or an overlay or something similar? Unfortunately not, although both are planned.


yes ! that 🙂