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👋 Hi @gklijs. I saw your comment in this Lacinia issue regarding conversations you had at GraphQL Summit. > > Not everybody thinks Apollo federation will be the future of combining different GraphQL micro services. We’re doing schema stitching now, and federation looks promising. I’m very interested in your recon. 🙂 Is there an alternative that’s getting favor?


Not a full-featured alternative like Appollo federation currently, but there is for example which is a kind of similar approach. You could also consume from multiple graphql endpoints, re-graph supports this. Someone recently created this, because federation requires changes to the underlying schema's as well as a central proxy. It hard to say where it goes, most likely in ten years we have additional specs upon the graphql spec, among one the 'graphql-microservice-spec' that defines how a schema for a microservice should look, and a 'graphql-proxy-spec' that defines some properties of a graphql proxy. But to what degree that will be similar to Apollo Federation, I don't know.


And if Appolo federation does become 'big' and lacinia doesn't support it, that would be a missed opportunity maybe. I don't know how hard it will be, and if lacinia is open enough to do everything needed with an add-on.


Thanks for this good info! A solution that doesn’t require changes to the backend would be great. I’m aware of arboric but I haven’t looked into its implementation. remote-graph is new to me. I’ll look into both.


Yet another architecture, I want to research for viability is to almost everything in a cqrs style, and have a GraphQL endpoint sending command, which will be picked up by a microservice, and have a unified derived view for the queries.


See for example for an additional spec. But it takes time to get general consensus on how to solve some things. Authorization and proper scalable subscriptions are also more or less open problems.


(I had the same question after seeing the comment on the github issue; thanks for asking and the replies!)


:thumbsup: @gklijs I’ve been tracking your work on graphql and subscriptions. Good stuff!