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Now I need some help testing again. I have made it such that all Paredit selection commands are also shrinkable using Shrink Selection (not just the Expand Selection commands, that is). Please consider using the VSIX for this PR instead of the released Calva and help me spot any mistakes I might have made. (I think it should be pretty solid, but it is late here and my brain doesn’t work very well right now.) Here’s the PR: Follow the links from the build task in the CircleCI tests section at the bottom of that page to find the VSIX. (The Artifacts tab on the build page).

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Hi! If I write a (), I am unable to delete the second parenthesis, I actually need to delete the first one, but then the both of them are deleted. This is rather annoying when wanting to add single parenthesis. Anyone know how to disable this functionality? I'm rather new to VS Code 🙂


Hi! Not sure when you would need a single paren, but anyway. 😃 You can force delete using alt+backspace/delete. See about Strict Mode here:


I might not need it in the future when I'm more proficient with Clojure 🙂 Thanks!

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Marc O'Morain14:12:16

I guess I’m learning paredit today 😄

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Would it be possible to have an option in Calva to use Cursive hotkeys for paredit?


@joni.korpelin There is no pre-configured set of key bindings to match Cursive's, but you can add them yourself. From the Calva paredit docs: > Note: You can choose to disable all default key bindings by configuring calva.paredit.defaultKeyMap to none. (Then you probably also want to register your own shortcuts for the commands you often use.)


We should consider supporting defaults for Cursive and Emacs users... We will need a better way to configure it than what we have today, though.


The new paredit commands look great! Slowly getting to feature parity with Emacs 😄


one small issue I ran into - in mac OS, the default ctrl-arrow bindings for slurp/barf clash with the OS-level bindings for moving between spaces, I was confused for a while why they weren't working


If emacs just could freeze a while... 😎


probably not a Calva-specific thing though


Yeah, that clash is mentioned in the docs, but should be mention on the Paredit page as well.


Ah, I must have missed that page


Maybe a bit too hidden today. used to be on the README.


annoying behaviour with strict-mode: it allows you to insert unbalanced closing delimiters )]} but can't delete them easily with backspace


I guess VSCode knows when a delimiter is unbalanced since it highlights them red, Strict-mode should at least allow those to be deleted without 'force'


It's Calva highlighting them red. 😎 So, yes, it should be removed w/o force. Please file an issue.