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Is there a way to have figwheel-main not try to compile data_readers.cljc` Due to the namespaces of tag implementations not having been required, it leads to noisy errors.


what kinds of compile speeds are people seeing on actual real-life projects? Our figwheel.main setup has gotten quite slow, and I'm wondering if there's anything we can tweak to speed things up


On our project I get 2-4 secs on my MacBook 2015. Not very satisfying, so sometimes I use repl evaluation instead


I believe this a problem in js as well, maybe some new thinking here is the next cljs killer app?


same as we have. much too slow 😞


on new projects you get sub second updates, I'm curious what it is that makes it slow


I mean, for us it's slow even when I make changes that cause very little compilation


Yes, if I change only the main ns, it takes about 2 seconds. If I go deeper into the tree and modify, it can double the time


I believe I’ve been told before that this is, among other things, a function of your number of dependencies. Also, someone mentioned that shadow-cljs might have a more efficient way than figwheel-main of tracking modifications and what files to recompile.


It’s certainly frustrating, that changing the class of a div takes 3 seconds to re-render when you are a couple of levels down the dep tree


I've tried to offload some source directories to :local/dir deps instead, to avoid compiling them all the time, but it is not giving quite the effect I was hoping for