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A couple of days ago, there was the suggestion that ^boolean js/goog.DEBUG didn't work any more as a means to remove (DCE) dev-only code. I undertook to check, which I have now done. As a result:


(Sigh. I wish i could edit my issue to clean up my silly spelling errors which, strangely, only become visible to me once I click Create. Moving on)


@mikethompson added a quick comment identifying the actual bad commit. don't have time for more currently.


@thheller Thanks! We're going through and changing all js/goog.DEBUG to goog.DEBUG ... so we'll soon be free of the issue. But I'm sure others will get burned because it triggers DCE failures silently.


Just submitted . I think that'd also be a candidate for cljs, since then the truthy calls can be avoided. A quick github search shows that (condp = ...) is very common.


The issue is not that the circular dependency is not supported, it’s that the compiler won’t tell me that I have a circular dependency as it normally does but it will just freeze up instead. The expected behaviour would be to throw an error saying that I have a circular dependency (like it does without parallel compilation) but instead it just freezes without giving me a hint what the issue is.


@mikethompson you need to ask Alex Miller for more JIRA permissions to edit your issues


@mikethompson I gave you edit rights in jira


@alexmiller Luxury! Thanks. Fixed.


@mikethompson I think “^boolean goog.DEBUG” should be “^boolean goog/DEBUG”


Oh, interesting. I've not seen that before. Does that mean we should change these kinds of docs: It contains references to goog.DEBUG


I don’t understand it fully but there is some translation, “goog. x.y.z” false will be defined as goog.x.y.z=false in js


so you reference it in cljs via goog/x.y.z


Makes sense. @dnolen is darwin's suggestion here officially-the-right-thing-to-do?