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Hi #clojars I'm deploying my first libraries and I got a couple of issues:


- I deployed with a CI account by mistake and it seem's like the CI account own the project now, how can I remove it / transfer ownership?


- I keep getting ReasonPhrase: Forbidden when I deploy. But my password is correct and I'm in the correct groups. I forgot the /repo/ suffix, my bad.


- I deployed my packages without a my-group/ prefix (bare with me that's my first libs, I'm a newbie). I'd really like to thrash these, that's confusing

danielcompton20:05:50 Log in with the CI account and add others as admins for that project


danielcompton: I see, thanks!

danielcompton20:05:27 Clojars doesn't normally delete projects, you can just redeploy with your group prefix


danielcompton: I guess I'll have to live with my mistake looking back at me for the rest of times, thanks anyway 🙂


@tcrawley Im getting a broken pipe error when attempting to deploy, any ideas?


@flyboarder is the CDN, and deploying through it doesn't always work. If you deploy directly against the server (``) it should work