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@rquisenb To maximise the frame use SPC T M or M-m T M if you are in Emacs mode. If font is still too small, then reset the size with SPC z x 0 or M-m z x 0. If none of that works (and those are Spacemacs specific commands), then I suggest something is set in your home directory to make the Emacs window very small (I have no idea what that could be)


I ran some sort of test report in a file, and now that file is read-only and has no syntax highlighting (all the text is white), even though the file looks completely normal and I cannot find any special dotfiles in the same dir (such as for example a .file.cljs.~undo-tree~) to indicate that the file is in a particular state. halp!


(I restarted Emacs, too)


According to the info line, the file is a Test Report and not a Clojurescript file.


@reefersleep Weeeird. Maybe just copy the contents of the file in another editor into a different file and delete the original? Definitely nothing I’ve ever encountered. It’d be interesting to know what major mode & minor modes are active when you’re in that file.


@eggsyntax: I tried mv'ing the file to something else, and then it worked like it normally would, with syntax highlighting and Emacs perceiving it as a Clojurescript file and everything. I then mv'ed it back to the previous name and the "testful" state returned, so it's definitely bound to the file name somehow.


I had wanted to rename the file and ns anyway, so I went ahead and did that and ignored the problem with the previous file name, but I can pull it back up and have a look at major and minor modes. What is the easiest way to list these?


@reefersleep Major mode should be shown on the modeline — I’d expect it to say Clojure. describe-mode (`SPC h d m`) will show all active modes, both minor and major.