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@moizsj See here: for a possible solution, I’d like to know if it works or not.


@sandbags Hmm, that might not work, I’m actually not sure. If it doesn’t, feel free to post an issue.


@moizsj if it does work but you don't want a cleartext password in your settings.xml -


@gmercer Good link, thanks - I’ll add that to the doc


@sandbags It’s entirely possible that the rainbow parens don’t appear in the REPL output, because of how they’re implemented. If you file an issue for it, I’ll take a look at it - it’s probably an easy fix.


Ok, will do


@cfleming do you see the Cursive extension API added realistically within the next couple of months (so that e.g. doesn’t need a fix)? Should I just add a dependency on Potemkin and close the issue?


@dm3 So, I’m not sure. I’m actually working on that somewhat in the background at the moment, evaluating how much I should refactor what I have to be more spec-like. I’ll take another look at that issue this week, I did make a start on it but it was somewhat tricky, IIRC because there are more macros than just the potemkin one that would really need support.


I don’t have the code here with me though, so I can’t confirm. I’ll let you know next week if I have questions.