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Sorry to lob a noob question: but is there a tool which takes an existing SQL Database Schema and converts it into a datomic schema. Isn’t such a transformation possible?


@bherrmann Not automatic by any means, but it might help you little bit:


Thanks @rauh … I think I should probably try converting one of my toy projects from sql to dataomic - that would probably help me grasp the issues.


@bherrmann Sure, let me know if you have any questions. It's not super idiomatic conversion since it won't use ref-many attributes. It just maps a row to an entity.


I don't really understand maven, so this question will be a bit vague.... but there seems to be something wrong with the way datomic-pro is being included in my project. I use to show the versions of libraries in my project. It works correctly on all my other dependencies, but not on datomic_pro. A bit of spelunking shows that versioneer get the info from the dependencies file. Datomic_pro lacks this file, though I can see it has the version info in pom.xml. I'm guessing that Datomic's maven_install script may lack some step, maybe?


would it be weird to just use plus other stuff to store all your code and not do 'git' or such


and so just have this shared image that people dev on


a database of all the code


and functions require other stuff they need by querying that db


So I'm trying to build a development environment using Docker. I can launch the transactor, peer and my webapp just fine except the peer needs to have the database created. I use docker-compose to launch everything and I'm looking for suggestions on the best way to create the database after my transactor starts and before my peer container starts up. I'm sure I'm just looking at the problem the wrong way but would appreciate any pointers.