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@dpsutton Did you get a chance to look at the dynamic font locking?


I haven't yet. I can spend two hours tomorrow though


Can you summarize the issue for me again? I'm a little hazy. I think it was required vars not font locking?


Yes. Requires vars with a namespace part was not, it seems, working. They did not get the same color as other functions.


this is probably a really basic question, but i’m still getting a hang the cider tooling, what’s the best way to start a ring headless server via lein inside of cider/emacs?


@benny I’d normally start the web server from the REPL by invoking a function like

(use 'ring.adapter.jetty)
=> (use 'hello-world.core)
=> (run-jetty handler {:port 3000})


@oskarkv It’s for locating Java resources on the classpath (e.g. image files, locale files, etc).


How do you guys add the sources of 3rd party java libs when you are working on a project which leverage them? Do you add the :classifier "sources" artifacts to the dev profile dependencies in project.clj? Does the code navigation (`cider-find-var`) work seamlessly for all java classes in those 3rd party libs?


one example might be loco leveraging choco-solver library:


@jumar Yeah, if the source jar is on the classpath cider-find-var would work for any Java class/method/whatever.


Yeah, I was hoping so - however, for that example (loco) it does seem to work only for enums - e.g. it works for org.chocosolver.util.ESat but not for org.chocosolver.solver.constraints.Constraint Maybe something weird in my setup, but for clojure.lang sources it works seamlessly


however, my question really was if those that do this kind of stuff will just add sources manually to the project.clj or they use some other kind of magic 🙂


Btw. I modified loco project.clj like this:

(defproject loco "0.3.1"
  :dependencies [[org.choco-solver/choco-solver "3.3.0"]
                 [org.clojure/clojure "1.7.0"]]
  {:dev {:dependencies [[org.choco-solver/choco-solver "3.3.0" :classifier "sources"]]}})


I accidentally ran some sort of test report in a file, and now that file is read-only and has no syntax highlighting (all the text is white), even though the file looks completely normal and I cannot find any special dotfiles in the same dir (such as for example a .file.cljs.undo-tree) to indicate that the file is in a particular state. halp! (I restarted Emacs, too) According to the info line, the file is a Test Report and not a Clojurescript file.


I have no tests in the project, btw.


I'm having an annoying problem using Cider in a project using http-kit and websockets. Whenever the client tries to connect to the websocket, I get an error in process filter: [nREPL] No response handler with id nil found. The same project runs without problems in Cursive, so I doubt that the problem is in my code. Is there anything I can do about this?


In case it helps, I get output like this in my *nrepl-messages*:


Update: The problem disappears after converting the project from using boot to using leiningen.


@tord do you have time for a small repro project? If it is boot I can try to debug it


@richiardiandrea: I tried, but failed. It seems to work in simple cases, and the project where I encountered the problem is far too big. But anyway, I'm happy to use Leiningen in this case.


@oskarkv i'm starting to realize why they aren't font-locked. to determine whether something is a function, this code looks in the meta for the arglists info. if this is not present, it assumes it's not a function and skips it. for some reason these aliased functions are coming in wihtout arglist information