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Hi, I lein new re-frame wechat-reframe1 +routes +test +less +re-frisk a new re-frame project and C-c M-J and got the following error:

   Could not locate figwheel_sidecar/repl_api__init.class or
   figwheel_sidecar/repl_api.clj on classpath. Please check that namespaces with
   dashes use underscores in the Clojure file name.
What it the problem? I've been using re-frame-template for several times and never got any error like this.


I found there is no `[figwheel-sidecar "0.5.9"] [com.cemerick/piggieback "0.2.1"]` in the dev dependencies in the generated project by re-frame-template


add it to the dev dependencies solved this problem.


@cmal when creating the app try adding +cider


That is what will add sidecar and piggieback


@gadfly361 Thanks. Sorry for that error.


@lilactown there is goog.html.utils.stripHtmlTags in the closure lib


Hi, I want to use clojurescript and have a js module named echarts3. echarts3 do not have a cljsjs module and I am considering to bundle it to the js file generated by clojurescript. I searched google and found [this post]( I've been using require.js to AMD in js. If the method provided by the post works, will there be a problem (what is been solved by require.js) that the bundle.js haven't been loaded when browser runs the app.js generated by clojurescript? So the app.js cannot work correctly?

Pablo Fernandez08:05:38

How do I do an ajax PUT of a binary buffer (uploading a PNG to S3) in ClojureScript?


@cmal you just load bundle.js before your app.js and you are done, the CLJS world only needs externs for stuff in the bundle nothing else


@thheller thanks! I didn't think to look in the closure library. now if only stripHtmlTags didn't insert spaces between spans >_<


any recommendations for node.js wrappers that uses core.async?


What is the current recommended way of using NPM packages that do not provide UMD builds? I've tried :npm-deps and :foreign-libs but both seem to fail for the packages I am trying to depend on. I'm considering falling back to Webpack for this but, if possible, I'd rather stay within CLJS.