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Asko Nōmm00:04:53

Whenever I open VSCode + Calva on a project, I get a bunch of warnings like this from kondo, however when I click on them, they disappear, because turns out there’s actually nothing wrong. I’ve tried deleting the .clj-kondo, .lsp, and .calva directories, but the issue persists each time. Any thoughts?


Do you still have this problem after reloading the window? I wonder if there was some issue with stale clojure-lsp data. I’m guessing you reloaded the window after deleting those directories, though, right?


You can also stop and start clojure-lsp from the command palette, or click the button in the status bar to do so. I don’t know if that would help though.

Asko Nōmm00:04:45

Yup, reloaded window, restarted VS Code, but the problem stays 😞

Asko Nōmm01:04:26

Ok managed to find out why! Apparently I had src/ files in target/ (no idea how that happened) which was causing this. Fixed!

🎉 2