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@lilactown your example for storybook was useful in getting it working for me, thank you. But I'm currently gravitating back to workspaces because I can't get the repl to work with storybook. Is that something you just live without, or did you find a way to load it with storybook?


yeah we live without a REPL in our storybook build


it seems like something that others may have figured out, what with people using target :bundle in vanilla CLJS with a REPL


Cool, thanks for the suggestion. I think I'll mix workspaces and storybook until I make up my mind 😅


@oliver I don't use any formatters. well Cursive format code but that is much less aggressive than most formatters. which issues are you looking at? most of them are not that trivial


At one point, a project I worked on would end up with a single, large source map to go with app.js. I’m seeing smaller, namespace-specific source maps on a current project. Am I misremembering? Is there a setting somewhere?


@dpassen1 release builds have one large map, compile/watch dev builds have one per namespace (in the cljs-runtime dir, which not required for release builds)


That makes sense. I’ll figure out what we’re doing wrong. Thank you


That was it. source-maps were on in dev, not for release. Thanks as always