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We are looking to hire someone on a freelance basis to help get this issue resolved, this will be 50% paid by, and 50% from the Lambda Island open collective. A big part of this work will be communicating and collaborating with the Clojars and tools.deps maintainers before starting any coding, to make sure changes will actually be accepted, so a proven track record of working constructively within an open source community would be good. Part time is fine, in fact it might be preferred, since there will be a bunch of async communication involved. Please DM me with your location, availability, rate, and your reading of the issue (a paragraph or two). Please only respond if you are already set up as a freelancer/contractor, i.e. are able to invoice. Thank you!

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Hi. The "work type" is Contract. What is its length?


If you are based in SA, it is a permanent role. Outside SA, we can only offer 1 year contracts. The expectation is that you will be happy at LifeCheq and we can renew your contract multiple times 🙂.

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