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Drew Verlee02:04:03

Is the js to cljs translation feature i just saw in calva available via emacs? If so, how? If not, 😢.


@U0ETXRFEW: what is it based on?


I've ripped src/js_cljs/core.cljs out of @U3Y18N0UC’s js2cljs: Will pick it from Clojars once it's available there.

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Thanks! :hugging_face: (I have no idea how to build an emacs helper out of cljs files)


@U45T93RA6 in the #calva thread about this I posted about an experiment where I used some clj-suitable to enumerate the js/ entries. No idea if that is the right way to go for js2cljs, but anyway, FYI.

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Maybe we need an cljs2elisp converter too? 😃

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Nah, but maybe we can set up a server running this, and non-js editors can query that one? Or something...


While I'd wager that this feature would be a bit convoluted to ship in CIDER, emacs does have a generic "take this region and run it through a command" functionality (namely shell-command-on-region) Assuming one has checked out in his computer, the shell command could invoke said program.


Yeah, it is unclear how well it fits in Calva, even. But since it has cljs glue set up, I choose to do it that way.


Corkey, Corgi's key binding system, now has a dedicated repo and a full README

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Note that things are a little in flux now that we're reorganizing packages and moving to a dedicated github-org, I'll try to make sure at least the sample config works out of the box again in the coming days.


I love the idea of signals!

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Cora (she/her)18:04:39

the stability of doom is great

Cora (she/her)18:04:00

it does patch things, though, sometimes

Cora (she/her)18:04:48

advice appears 69 times in the codebase (not all of them are actually adding advice)


> the stability of doom is great ehmm, using 'stability' and anything Emacs-related in the same sentence not always justifiable, but in this case, I rather agree; overall, Doom feels a lot safer than Spacemacs. At least, when something breaks, I no longer have to scratch my head - it's relatively easy to figure out. With Spacemacs, it was almost always a puzzle.

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