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pyr07:04:12 is hiring a software engineer focused on user experience. This is a position split between Clojure and ClojureScript. We provide a fully European based cloud infrastructure provider and our 50-strong engineering team writes 70% of software in Clojure. We are able to recruit engineers in Switzerland, the European union, and the UK.

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We are looking for more Clojure(Script) devs! We are a fully remote team, anybody working around a GMT+02 time zone is welcomed! is a South African fintech company, focused on better tools for personal financial advice. Clojure is core to our technology, and its philosophy is foundational to how we designed our systems. We rely on easy to read and immutable data structures, pure functions, and create complexity through composition of simple grokkable pieces. We primarily use Clojure for our backends, with a mixture of ClojureScript and TypeScript for our frontends. Key technologies include event sourcing, lacinia, re-frame and sci; We are looking for both mid-level and senior level developers. To apply and more details at or feel free to DM me with any questions.