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tldr: Can I manually perform the --copy-config command myself, since it doesn't appear to be working for me? Hi, I installed crypticbutter/snoop I tried running the --copy-config command, yet nothing happens - it waits a long while, before printing nothing. I've got a monorepo with nested/inherited kondo configs, so I wondered if the dir at which I ran the command from the docs (`clj-kondo --copy-configs --dependencies --lint "$(clojure -Spath)"`) mattered, though it doesn't seem to matter. The 3 requirements listed in the docs (--deps flag, --copy flag and presence of .clj-kondo folder) are met. I'm using Calva, so my understanding is that it's supposed to do that sort of thing for me anyways? Not sure, as that doesn't appear to be happening either. In any case, it doesn't appear that any config was copied over (whether newly created files or inline'd somehow into existing config files, which I don't think is how it's supposed to work anyways). I checked my user kondo config as well just in case - no dice. What are my options? Anything I can provide to help debug?


@rayatrahman9 Yes, you can manually execute --copy-configs. After that you should have the configs in .clj-kondo/<somewhere>


Apologies, I meant, manually perform whatever work is being done with that command myself, eg copying files and such. Running the command with, for example, --skip-lint, doesn't work either


are you using the correct version of that library which has the config bundled?


I'd rather have you debug the root cause than work around it


but you can always copy the config manually, sure


just clone the repo and do it


Thanks! I think so? It's the version on clojars that is the latest master as well. What do I copy? The folder with the config.edn or the folder within that with the hooks? And what folder hierarchy would it be?

.clj-kondo/clj_kondo/crypticbutter/snoop.clj supposed to be copied as well, or its content inlined into my existing config that I have in that .clj-kondo folder?


what you were saying is correct


everything under clj-kondo.exports should be copied into your .clj-kondo dir as is


that is exactly what --copy-configs does


if I were you would I check the contents of the .jar file you are using as a dependency


if the config is there


check, don't just assume


No kidding, your spidey senses are better than mine, indeed the version on master was not published