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Would you characterize Midje as a good/great library? IIRC I don't like it but that might have been expectations (particularly before clojure-expectations/clojure-test became a thing). I think one of those created very strange interactions with the repl and other tooling.


Midje code is... special. I've dug into it enough to try to add Midje support to Kaocha (we have a PoC but we recommend using Fudje instead if you really want that DSL), and my goodness it is not pretty... very convoluted and non-idiomatic. So no I would not characterize it as such.

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I want to mention that I also have a library called Check ( that builds up on both Expectations (although I need to update to the latest clojure.test version) and Nubank's Matcher Combinators that have a midje-inspired DSL (or a clojure test-inspired one - you choose) And obviously, it's WAY LESS magic than Midje, if you prefer that path 🙂

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I would not characterize Midje as such, no, and I know there are some other folks who are pretty vocally in the same camp.


Like the "Classic Expectations" library, it did not follow the clojure.test API so it has all of its own custom tooling and -- last I checked -- could not be run with standard test runners.


In addition, a lot of people find its DSL to be non-idiomatic for Clojure (I think the DSL is horrible).


If you feel the modern Expectations library -- the clojure.test-compatible one -- has shortcomings, LMK and I'll try to address them 🙂