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Daniel Shriki12:04:14

Hi, I’m using amazonica for aws communication - I’m using only s3 functionality, but all aws-java-sdk is getting into the build which alone is maybe 3 times all my project deps. I know that there is a possibility to use “:exclusions” but it will be a long-long list. is there a way to specify the opposite - say only what to include? Thanks 🙏


I don't think tools.deps.alpha supports that. If you care a lot about the size of your build, I can see a couple of options (besides :exclusions): • check out which seems more lightweight but I haven't actually compared it with amazonica • fork amazonica and keep only the parts you want 😛 You could also maybe take a look at and upvote/create a request for it (I don't think it's been asked before)


With aws-api you explicitly nominate which AWS services to include. See the example which selects S3 :

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Can I have a base depend on another base?


No. For that situation, you will need to factor out the common code into a component.