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I'm trying to set up a job that runs both Clojure tests and ClojureScript tests. I figured an image based on openjdk and tools-deps would be a good basis but I can't find how to install node in a way that makes the node command available for cljs-test-runner to actually find. Can someone point me at an existing project that does this?


I thought maybe this would work but it doesn't seem to make a node command available (I guess it makes a js command available instead?).


@seancorfield I've got a CircleCI config here which runs .cljc lib tests on the JVM and Node:


Oh, interesting... using separate jobs / separate images.


I got it working by adding a step to add a symlink from /usr/bin/js to /usr/bin/node so I can do it all in one job for now... It all "Just. Worked." using GitHub Actions.


I prefer to use separate jobs so I can more easily see which part failed and they can run in parallel