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Thomas Lisankie19:05:00

Getting a seemingly bizarre problem with Datascript. For some reason when I run this query without it being wrapped in a function, everything works. But once I wrap it in a function, it returns the value for :block/content for every entity in the database. I'm confused because I haven't encountered any issues with wrapping other Datascript queries in the past. Does anyone more experienced than me with Datascript see any issues?

;; Works fine and returns the correct value
(ds/q '[:find ?block-text
        [?id :block/id "l_63xa4m1"]
        [?id :block/content ?block-text]]

;; Returns every value for `:block/content` in the db
(defn content-find
  (ds/q '[:find ?block-text
          [?id :block/id ?id-passed]
          [?id :block/content ?block-text]]
(content-find "l_63xa4m1")