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Hello all, I saw today a strange behavior in Chlorine. I turned on refresh namespace when save a file


When I save it with cursor at top, it gives the error in Chlorine console

"No value supplied for key: true"
But if I go with cursor to the end of file, no error apear :thinking_face:


Like I said before: seriously, just turn off all the refresh stuff and ignore it. Those "helpful" things bite nearly everyone who uses them in my experience.


@fabrao I suspect it's that Chlorine doesn't always know how to figure the namespace in a file if the cursor is above the ns form. I mentioned it to @mauricio.szabo a while back. Not sure if there's a GitHub issue for it.


I don't see an issue -- I'll create one. I should have created it some time ago.


Sean, you consider using what to do that?


like chlorine:load-file , it will work in the same way as refreshing namespace?


@fabrao As I've said before: eval every top level form as you edit code -- you don't even need to save files for that.


A good RDD workflow means evaling everything you change, as you change it.


Ok, that´s the way I thougth it was a good workflow for dayly , but I got your point and I agree with you


My workflow tends to involve saving code at somewhat random times so the code often isn't compilable when I save it 🙂 but it is always compilable when I eval it, because that's what I'm used to: edit, eval, edit, eval, edit, randomly save, edit, eval 🙂


I will often switch back and forth between files, making changes and eval'ing them as I go, editing code (and eval'ing it), editing tests (and eval'ing them and running them).


I used to run tests each saving 🙂 , but it´s ugly when tests growing LOL


I run individual tests ctrl-; t with my cursor on the test name (I feel I should enhance that at some point to allow the cursor to be anywhere in the test form).


that´s I´m doing now


So I edit a test (or write a new one) and then ctrl-; B and then ctrl-; t.


(and at some random point I do ctrl-s to save a file 🙂 )


thanks again for your help. Have a nice day, cya


Cya tomorrow 🙂


Just catching up now 🙂. I use refresh, but not on-save. But I also mostly work on Clojure code that's refreshable,


(Also, thanks for opening the issue 👍. I'll look at it right now. I was worried about fixing that implementation because I saw some freezes on Atom when I wrote the first code for the solution, but since 0.7.0 I made some performance optimizations that will probably not freeze Atom anymore)