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Since updating to eap5 I can’t connect to a repl using the run config, anyone else seeing this =)…

Starting nREPL server...
<long classpath> clojure.main -i /private/var/folders/xl/rkkw077j4xxf827wn82mcp_c0000gn/T/form-init15182512464198811612.clj
No nREPL ack received
Connecting to local nREPL server...
Syntax error (ConnectException) compiling at (/private/var/folders/xl/rkkw077j4xxf827wn82mcp_c0000gn/T/form-init15182512464198811612.clj:1:1).
Connection refused

Full report at:

Process finished with exit code 1


No-one else has reported it, and I'd have expected that to be reported pretty quickly. The error seems to be "Connection refused", which normally means there's nothing listening on that port. It could be that the inital ack problem is the real problem? I'm not sure. Does this happen on all projects?


Yea, I was expecting the same =)… I’m working around it by booting up a repl in term and connecting to it with nrepl… Not had time to properly debug it yet…


Ok, I'll check it when I get a chance. Are you running this with lein/deps? Are you using aliases or profiles or any other special config?


It seems to me I had a similar problem a while back and cleared it up with File -> Invalidate Caches / Restart…


I’ve not tried to invalidate caches, let me give that a go =)…


I’ve got a big dev profile… Will try and disable that and see if that’s causing it…


Btw @U0567Q30W I don’t know if this is something you effect or it’s just Intellij’s internal logic, but indexing happens a lot….


I’ve done a cache invalidation and that hasn’t helped, disabling my :dev alias did, but thinking about it, the no repl ack has happened in the past, what’s different now is that Connecting to local nREPL server now leads to connection refused, whereas previously it would just connect… Not sure what’s causing that currently, am disabling bits to see if I can figure out the cause… Ok, disabling it down seems to work, which is frustrating as it messes with mount’s workflow, but perhaps it can’t be helped…


is there any possibility of an eval-and-insert or pprint-eval-and-insert command, ie. eval a form and insert the (formatted) result into the file?


Yes, the problem is that there is a combinatorial explosion of things you might want to do: take form before point/top form/surrounding sexp and evaluate/evaluate and add commented result/evaluate and replace original with formatted output/and on and on...

😍 3

So what I'm planning to do is extend REPL commands ( to allow you to create whichever commands you happen to want.


That sounds superb

Rachel Westmacott07:06:04

that kind of REPL command extension would be AMAZING


@here does anyone know how to install the clojuredocs after you've already said no?


pref -> lang & fw -> clojure -> bottom of page


thanks, just found it as you replied 🙂