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honeysql {:mvn/version "1.0.444"} -- -- Turn Clojure data structures into SQL! First off, HoneySQL has a new home: in order to set up CI, I needed it under an account I have full control over, so Justin Kramer, the original project maintainer, has transferred the repo to me. All existing links should continue to work (because a repo transfer redirects everything) and the documentation URL has not changed: This is a 1.0.x release, to recognize that HoneySQL is stable (and has been used in many production apps for years), and it will follow MAJOR.MINOR.COMMITS versioning from now on. Bug fix: #259 -- column names are now always unqualified in inserts. (PR from @jrdoane) Enhancement: #257 -- added support for cross-join / merge-cross-join / :cross-join. (request from @dcj) Infrastructure: * Switch dev/test pipeline to use Clojure CLI / deps.edn instead of Leiningen. * Add CI via both CircleCI and GitHub Actions (the latter tests on OpenJDK 8, 11, and 14). Both of these test the README examples, run Eastwood, run the tests as ClojureScript, and run the tests as Clojure (on 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, and 1.10). * Remove macrovich dependency as this is no longer needed with modern ClojureScript. Follow-up in #honeysql (with general SQL-related chatter in #sql ).

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