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(Sorry if this belongs to #off-topic) I have always heard magit is awesome but never realized to what extent. What sorcery is this?


It's the biggest sorcery in VCS history after git! :) Managing all versioning related stuff in just one text buffer is an extreme productivity jump, like moving to emacs or using a tiling window manager.


@hindol.adhya magit is magic. I used to obsessively use the command line for git, but now I use Magit for everything, even creating pull requests and gists from Emacs. Magit makes reset and rebasing so easy too (some of the videos are a little old but are mostly correct, i.e. magithub has been replaced by forge)


I have the exact same experience. I have so far used git from command line because none of the GUIs/wrappers stuck with me and I never felt git CLI is a problem. But after going through the Magit manual yesterday and today, I already feel more productive. The mnemonic keybindings are great!


Magit solves a problem I never knew existed.

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i ❤️ magit. on the subject of guis for git, i used to use smartgit before i used magit. i like their index editor idea a lot: that really helped in developing my mental model of how some things work in git.


I have used git add -p to similar effect, for staging. Magit makes it simpler. But that's not the selling point for me. I love how every command imaginable is just two keystroke away from the status buffer. Even complex operations like rebase.


yeah, that's nice too :)


i think the author may have abstracted that functionality out into a library iirc


and if you cant find what you want, ! menu in magit status will let you type a git command. I think I used this once in 4 years


I am enjoying using forge to create issues and pull request from within Emacs too

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Yeah, forge is next in my list of things to learn.


@U05254DQM FYI, your tutorial on forge helped me setup ~/.authinfo.gpg. I was struggling with it without your guide. Thank you!


I think the last time I looked at PGP was at the end of the 1990's, so I was a bit lost to start with. EasyPG in Emacs did help though. I need to expand on creating a PGP key with gpg (although a key is optional)


I love the 'magit solves an issue I never knew existed' one. exactly how I felt when I really gave it a try


cli feels very barbaric now 😄


will checkout forge, as I'm not aware what it's all about


What magit is to git, forge is to Github.


@U0J8XN37Y in a nutshell, work with github (gitlab and other similar services) issue and pull requests in the magit status buffer. Also create forks and pull requests (no need to visit GitHub to press the green 'create pull request' button


thanks @U05254DQM! Just reading through your page on it. creating PRs from magit is infact another layer of icing on the cake. will include that into my setup!