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it seems lambdaisland.chui.remote tries to connect to localhost:44220 but its failing to connect when i jack in to chui. Is there something i can run to make this connect successfully?


This is the connection to Funnel which is for kaocha-cljs2 (or other tools that want to remote control Chui), it shouldn't be needed if you're just using the Chui UI. How are you loading Chui? if you're using the instructions for shadow I wouldn't expect it to include that namespace @dpsutton


i'm just opening the project and using cider-jack-in. Want to see how it works and possibly contribute. Haven't used it in a project yet unfortunately


that's very strange. There is nothing requirin that namespace. It shouldn't be loaded. You can exclude chui-remote from deps.edn.

lambdaisland/chui {:git/url ""
                   :sha "a164d8ba32f48a632a3f285f41a52f93d7bd024d"
                   :exclusions [lambdaisland/chui-remote]}


I wrote a first README for kaocha-cljs2, this is still pre-alpha but it's beginning to work


I'll put together a demo repo so it's easier for folks to try out


hmmm the preloads thing is probably not going to work...


or maybe it will... some interesting discussion in #cljs-dev .... gonna have to reconsider some things, but the end result might be that we can offer a great experience no matter the tool (cljs.main, figwheel, shadow) people are using