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If anyone is getting a Symbol’s function definition is void: parseclj-alist then let me say that I'm very sorry, we bungled the release of parseclj/`parseedn`. The issue should be addressed now so if you make sure parseclj and parseedn are at 1.0.4 then you should be good.

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@U07FP7QJ0 the error I have posted below, is it connected to the above release ?


I get this error - `Starting new CIDER session ... parseclj-lex--leaf-token-value: Symbol’s function definition is void: :number`


I am using spacemacs, and when I updated it today, cider broke. These are the versions that show up for parseclj and parseedn respectively when I use pkg-info-pck-version - 20210930.540 20210930.542


I have reinstalled cider, parsecl and parseedn to no avail.


If you're with all the latest versions you should be okay, provided you're not running Emacs 25.


Yup have latest versions, have tried multiple times .. but still getting the error parseclj-lex--leaf-token-value: Symbol's function definition is void: :number


Thanks everyone for the help, deleting cider, parseedn, parseclj and then installing again did the trick

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